QR Looks

Snapseed is a complete and professional photo editing app developed by Google, available for Android and iOS and based on technology from the previously aquired Nik Software. Snapseed version 2.16 and higher allows you to import and export your complex edits as reusable looks. You can apply saved or imported looks to other images with a few taps or share them with other Snapseed users via QR codes. A QR Look in Snapseed can consist of almost any combination of filters and tools.
Here is a tutorial of how to import and export Snapseed QR Looks.

Below you can find a selection of some Snapseed QR Looks that I have created. Please feel free to scan and apply them to your photos.
These looks are distributed as freeware. If you keep using them, send me an appreciation or feedback e-mail for my creative effort and sharing these looks for free.
Or even better, buy me a coffee . For more information, please contact