Psion Chess 2.0

Chess for Psion Series 3a, 3c, 3mx and Siena.


A new, updated and completely revised version of Psion Chess. This version is compatible with the Psion Series 3a, 3c, 3mx and Siena. This program plays chess in 3 different levels (novice, normal and expert). With its 32 kB it is probably the smallest chess program in the world (8kB userinterface and 24kB chess engine). It recognizes about 77 great chess openings and allows to save a played game for later replay. This version contains a number of enhancements, corrected bugs and suggestions from users.

New Features

  1. Classic Chess pieces

  • enhancements to the Chess algorithm engine (C source)
  • you can install Chess into any drive on your system
  • you can now save/load your Chess game to/from any file (not restricted to chess.gam)
  • you can now choose between 2 different chess pieces: a modern design version (like in V1.2) and a classic version.
  • remove of flashing 'your turn' message
  • optional beep when Psion has choosen its move
  • optional flashing 'thinking' message
  • optional view of yours and Psions last move
  • optional view of yours and Psions total thinking time
  • adjustments to the display for Siena users
  • random pick of opening moves
  • you can add your own opening moves to the database
  • message if game is draw

Other Features

  1. Design Chess pieces

  • 3 different game levels: novice, normal and expert
  • Psion 3a, 3c and Siena compliant
  • a database with 77 great chess openings (registered users only)
  • allows to save a played game for later replay
  • the thinking part of the program is using a fast min/max algorithm developed in C on the PC using Microsoft Visual C++
  • extremely compact binary assembler code (about 24kB!)
  • you can continue with other applications while Psion thinks about his move.

Extra Chessfonts

Mr. Gareth Saunders has created some fine new chessfonts for Psion Chess. You can download them here. Thank you very much Mr. Saunders!
Simply copy these fonts to the /app/chess/ folder on the drive in which your copy of Chess V2.0 resides. To change to this font either select it via  Menu|Settings|Font or Psion+Font. You can also change the default font by renaming the font you want to load on startup to chess.fon.

Download and Installation

Psion Chess 2.0 is now freeware. It can be downloaded here.


This software is distributed as freeware. If you keep using this software, send me an appreciation or feedback e-mail for my programming effort and sharing this tool for free.
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